Benefits of Implementing a Strategic Negotiation Solution

Many times sending salepeople for additional training on negotiating is pretty simple.  There are plenty of training providers out there with negotiation training courses.  Yes, mark that complete on my checklist!

D&B Denmark choose to dive much deeper into the actual root causes of negotiating problems within their organization.  They did this by looking at: market conditions, sales process implementation, value proposition effectiveness, competition, consequences of not reaching agreement, trades, the company's internal conditions, training implementation and coach procedures.

After identifying specific business negotiation issues, Think! Inc. recommended a Strategic Negotiation Solution that included:

  • defining a common goal or organizational negotiation strategy linked to the company's sales strategy
  • agreeing on a common negotiation process integrated with the sales process
  • coaching and measuring both strategy use and process implementation
  • measuring results.

Because negotiation is such a dynamic process, taking an organizational approach greatly increases the likelihood of sellers being able to establish and maintain successful long-term relationships with their customers while achieving their goals.

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