data driven sales for the 21st century

Selling has evolved from personal skills and the belief that great sellers are born and not made to a business process.  This evolution brought great value to companies by installing common process and creating common language.

The next level of selling in the 21st century has to move from:

  • unclear or generic value statement on laminated cards
  • complex deal approval processes
  • blank form approach to segregated sales and negotiation training classes
  • blank form CRM that is a tax on reps and doesn't provide data TO them


  • real time, living, breathing value ecosystems that can be leveraged one deal at a time to help customers make enhanced value-based decisions
  • deal parameters put in the hands of the sales team to improve effectiveness and efficiency of their decision making
  • an integrated approach to selling and negotiating that reflects the way market decisions are actually made
  • technology that not only reports back up but pushes data on value and getting compensated for that value to the deal level

To learn more, request our white paper entitled, The Evolution from Sales and Negotiation to Value-Based Decision Making.  We'll email it to you right away!