Game-changing business negotiation technology

Think! Inc. has worked many years to increase our impact on our customers' business and find this enabling technology a powerful weapon in our arsenal to fight back against commoditization and irrational actions by competitors. This technology:

  • arms your team with data and strategy that aligns with leadership priorities, real time, as they change.
  • provides a systematic framework to collect and organize all sources of your value and leverage each, one deal at a time.

As one CEO of a global shipping company said, “I want to make sure my salespeople are executing my priorities, not theirs.”


On the right, you may request an introductory article on this new technology.  The three areas covered in the article are:

  1. The main problems with business negotiation
  2. Why value is so important and difficult to execute
  3. The internal negotiation and deal approval process

For each area above, you will also learn how the technology is used in the solution.