Consider this when choosing sales negotiation training for your company

Think! diagnosticHave you had conversations within your organization about negotiation success? 

What makes a "great deal" for your company? 

Often, for the first time ever, Think! brings together separate silos within your company – like legal, sales, and product management – to talk cross-functionally about negotiation success. This step alone results in lowering the hassle and increasing cooperation among internal stakeholders. This phase produces a common vision of what negotiation success looks like before training is initiated. Reaching a common agreement on “where” you want to go before we train on “how” to get there is a brand new concept in the market. Because we involve and align cross-functional stakeholders so early in the process, the likelihood of an organization adopting our strategy and process is much higher.

One of the benefits of aligning your negotiation strategy is a more consistent market messaging, to both competitors and customers. You establish a message by having a well thought out plan and by the way you either trade or give away your value proposition. When you trade more rationally, you create higher trust with customers, thus igniting less ‘give-away wars’ with competition.

How is this different from the rest of the market? Negotiation training is typically designed in the sales silo alone, with no upfront needs analysis or negotiation strategy. Most “training” companies simply write proposals for training classes and do not take the time to understand internal and external root causes and align various stakeholders to create agreement on success for the initiative. By auditing your sales process, we see how well you’re selling today, as that is a huge part of diagnosing negotiation problems and prescribing solutions.

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