Sales Negotiation Training Buying Guide

Do a search on negotiation training and you'll come up with over 2 million results! How do you know what to look for, and ultimately choose, for your organization? We'd like to bring some fresh thinking to the subject of selecting a business negotiation training firm.

How many times do you hear, "I can get the same thing cheaper..."? It's at the core of today's most pervasive problems in B2B sales:

  • price pressure
  • attempts at commoditization
  • more professional buyer influence

How your salespeople respond to that statement from a prospective customer will determine if they fail - or succeed. Just getting the sale is not a success if it's achieved at the cost of margin and brand equity.

Request the Sales Negotiation Training Buying Guide and receive the following:

  • Achieving ROI on your sales training investment

  • Five things to consider when selecting a sales negotiation training provider

  • Six reasons for a strategic negotiation process in your organization

  • What's the "it" your organization provides?

  • What role does technology play in all of this?

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