Social Distancing: Get Ready for Increased Virtual Negotiation

We are currently in an unprecedented environment.

But sales organizations are continuing to sell and you still need salesforce development. Now you need it virtually and you can’t sacrifice quality.  What now?  Is your team ready for virtual negotiation? Email and phone negotiation will be on the rise, will you be ready?

Think! Inc. has been providing Virtual Negotiation Solutions for many years.

Replicating the effectiveness of face-to-face training in a virtual environment means more than just presenting slides. It has to be interactive, engaging, and still have the same business results. We have you covered.

We offer a wide range of solutions to meet both your budget and business requirements.

  • 60 minute webinars geared to your team
  • Six highly interactive web based training modules
  • Web based training modules coupled with consultant led virtual coaching
  • All of our work focuses on planning for actual upcoming negotiations vs generic skills training

Please contact us for a discussion of your needs to determine the most appropriate virtual tools for you.  Complete the form below.

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