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Negotiation Blueprinting for Buyers

fact based negotiation with case study examples

All of the shifts in the very nature of buying and selling point to the need for a change in the way buyers approach negotiating deals with suppliers. It's time to think of a new paradigm for supplier negotiation. Part of that paradigm shift is reframing negotiation as decision making. As a professional buyer it is incumbent upon you to make decisions on supplier selection and negotiate final deals that are in alignment with corporate strategy.

  • You make decisions on which supplier provides the most overall value for your company
  • You make decisions on how suppliers get compensated in exchange for that value.
The key enabler for enhanced decision making is data. The approach we prescribe is "consumable" by those who use it. We have narrowed down the negotating data to that which really matters. We have embedded three major concepts into what we refer to as a Value Blueprint. We have built in nine case studies to move this from a book that talks theory to one of practical application that helps make better business decisions.


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