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business negotiation technique: the power of MEOs

Posted by Marie Dudek Brown on Mon, Apr 16, 2012 @ 02:18 PM

business negotiation technique: the power of MEOsThe power of Multiple Equal Offers (MEOs) will astound you!  Consider the case of Tod Walton, Western Region Director of Business Development for Livingston International, Canada's top custom broker and trade-related services provider.  "Using MEOs enabled us to increase our close rates from 40% to well over 60%.  In fact, we recently closed a very large deal in our world.  They were a current client on one side of our business, but the business we closed was ten times that size, all because we used MEOs."

When this customer sent Livingston a standard RFP, Walton submitted three solutions at three price points instead of one.  The customer wanted Walton to explain the offers, so they asked for a meeting (no competitors ever got a meeting).  During that two-hour discussion, they finalized the proposal and two weeks later, Livingston officially won the business.

"When you give customers options, you move to the same side of the negotiation table - - they stop viewing you as an adversary and see you as a partner," notes Walton.

You, too, can make negotiation significantly more collaborative by moving everyone involved to the same side of the table through a concept called Multiple Equal Offers (MEOs).  Request an article to be sent to your email right now to find out more.

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