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top 10 list for a strategic negotiation process

Posted by Marie Dudek Brown on Wed, Jun 06, 2012 @ 10:28 AM

top 10 list for strategic negotiation processDo you think of business negotiation as an art or a science?  If you said art, you're part of the majority.  If you said science, you're part of the future.  Are you willing to consider the advantages to learning and using a process?  Among the most important of these advantages are that the process:

  • enables you to see a negotiation from both your side and that of your customer
  • allows you to proactively manage the negotiation so that both sides benefit
  • is applicable to virtually any kind of negotiation, regardless of how large or small the deal
  • makes it possible for you to determine what you've done right and repeat it, or done wrong and correct it
  • enables you to deal effectively with any kind of negotiating tactic
  • increases the quality of internal negotiation
  • helps you anticipate and deal with irrational competitive behavior and respond in a logical and sensible way
  • fosters long-term relationships with your customers by building real business value
  • allows companies to develop common goals, strategy and tactics
  • enables organizations to integrate negotiation more fully into the sales process

If these are the types of advantages you are looking for, request our article on the six reasons for a strategic negotiation process below.

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